A History of Conquests

Let's start my story with simple information. I am a French artist, born in the Paris suburbs and residing in the city of Lyon. I love mixing worlds to create hybrid and original products. Thus, as part of my music, I go not only from French to English but also from rap to singing.

After many years of writing, performing and looking for myself artistically and personally, I officially started my career in May 2020 with the release of my single "King Of The City" which is followed by two other Singles "Parallel Universe" and "Shake".

The essence of my music is authenticity, I draw only from what I experienced, seen and felt during my life experiences to write my music. This allows me to convey real emotions through real stories that a large part of people can relate to.

After authenticity, I aspire to be an inspiring and motivating artist my fans to always strive to achieve their goals and above all never give up. I base my community around the term #CONQUERORS because I feel it is important to conquer one's own fears and weaknesses in order to become the best version of oneself and to realize one's dreams.

In November 2020, I started the #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS during which I release a sound every Friday.

And this is just the beginning of my story! The rest of the story is written with you my #CONQUERORS! #TAKEEVERYTHING