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Ces Nuits



The #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 13 is called “Ces Nuits”. He transmits us a fulfilling sensuality through rhythmic melodies and a voice full of energy - Available now!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the French studio “Metropole Studio” in Lyon. “Ces Nuits” is more than just love music. With this music, I speak especially of my personal development which allows me today to be really ready. Ready to be happy together because I am finally happy alone. I am aware that in the past I relied too much on the other to find my happiness, possibly creating too much pressure and instability. "Ces Nuits" allowed me to evolve in my life as I can convey it through my chorus. "Ces Nuits", which were often sleepless nights, will always be etched in my mind. In order to be sure that I never forget where I come from, but also where I want to go.

In this song, I want my #CONQUERORS to understand that to be happy together you first have to be able to be happy with yourself. It is complicated to achieve fulfillment for two when you are unable to be fulfilled alone. It is not necessarily easy but it is, in my opinion, the best way to avoid suffering and making loved ones suffer.

“Learn to be happy yourself to make the people you love just as happy. Pass on your happiness to them, they will return the favor. " Ces Nuits | #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 13.

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