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The #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 10 is called L'Humain and he sends us into a dark landscape on a Drill prod. Changing flows and rhythms as well as a dark voice - Available Now!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the French studio “Metropole Studio” in Lyon. L'Humain describes a dark vision of the Human. This is part of the overall vision that I have developed over the years. You might have guessed it, but this is the critical, if not pessimistic, part of my big picture. It is my personal development and my experiences that allow me to describe humanity with some hindsight. However, I am perfectly aware that I am an integral part of this humanity.

Some people do their best to try and hide their "dark" part. But I am aware that despite this, a majority of us keep a certain dose of bestiality… But also that "L'Humain" is in general the one who does the most harm to his own species… An observation easily illustrated by racism, wars, disinformation. But evil also goes through more personal problems such as betrayals, jealousy, hatred etc.

Through this song, I want my #CONQUERORS to remember how easy it is to succumb to its dark side... I want them to be able to resist it and let the light come. Of course, doing this is not easy. It requires a lot of personal development work, questioning, courage… But you are #CONQUERORS so I know you can do it.

“L'Humain will always have a certain duality in him but the current world seems, for several centuries already, to push the Human to leave control to his dark side and to self-destroy… If we think about it, can be since money has existed. » L'Humain | #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 10

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