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Last is the 8th song to be released in the #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS series and is also the last for 2020. Last projects us into a melodic soundscape, filled with emotions and memories - Available Now!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the French studio “Metropole Studio” in Lyon. Last was written when I wanted to explain why I was so hard on the people I loved. Why I always wanted these people to do more, to work more. Without a doubt, that's because I've always known they can be more than they allow themselves to be. Some would say I should say I always believed in their abilities instead. In any case, the message is more or less similar. I explain that I understand that I can be tough sometimes, but I am also tough on myself. Maybe like some kind of armor or something.

I also say how difficult the start of my career was. But where there was harshness, there is now infinite goodness.

I really want you to understand that you can be more. That you no longer have to suffer for your past humiliations or failures.

"Work like it's your last every day and you WILL BE whoever you want to be." Last | #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 8

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