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The #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS #3 is called Rampage. It takes us into an energetic vibe with varying tempos and flows. This sound is also varied in languages because it is in English and French - Available now!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the French studio "Metropole Studio" in Lyon. Rampage is one of my few pieces that could be described as a pure egotrip. I am simply demonstrating that I have capabilities and that I am able to crush my competition. In any case, this is the case during the verses, I try to convey an inspiring message in the chorus. For if I am today able to speak with such "arrogance" it is because I have always done my best. That I always got up, that I never really relied on luck.

To be honest with you, I've had a lot of failures as a hybrid artist. I mean by that as a French artist rapping in both French and English. But it never held me back, I always kept moving forward and doing my best no matter what. And that's what I pass on in Rampage.

This is also one of the messages I post in Rampage. Perhaps the most difficult category of things I have experienced is the betrayal of my loved ones. That's why I'm always ready for someone to become my worst enemy. It may sound sad, but I am still someone who trusts, despite this mistrust. Contradictive isn't it?

All this aside, Rampage is for me a pure kif that I wanted to share with my #CONQUERORS. So I hope you enjoy this piece. Now Enjoy!

"A moment of pure kif enabled by unrelenting efforts. So keep working and doing your best. Rampage | #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS #3

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