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Awakened Dreams | #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 5

The #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 5 is called Awakened Dreams. It sends us into a universe full of energy - Available Now!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the French studio “Metropole Studio” in Lyon. Awakened Dreams is just as personal as my other sounds. This sound was inspired by the evolution of my personal life and my career. I wrote it when I realized I could finally make my dreams come true. But also that I could take the route I had sought. Not only because of the hard work I have done during my career, but also because of my failures. My positive mindset is also a huge driver of my successes. I now know that I have a good life, about to get even better. Thanks to my authenticity and my self-confidence in particular.This is what I try to convey through Awakened Dreams, #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 5.

I want my #CONQUERORS to understand that they shouldn't stay focused on the past. That they don't have to stop dreaming. If they keep working as hard as they can, they will be in a muse to live their dreams. But for that they have to shed the weight of the past, the mistakes, and all the negative things. They also have to live their daydreams, we should all do this action. So simple in theory but so complex at times, I am not trying to make you believe that it will be easy or anything to live out your Waking Dreams.

But through Awakened Dreams, #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 5, I want to send you a message of hope. So do your best, you can make it happen.

“Dreaming is one of the most beautiful things a human can do. Imagine how beautiful the realization of his dreams is. This is why I live my daydreams. »Awakened Dreams | #CONQUERORSFRIDAYS # 5.

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